samedi 27 avril 2013

The music in the heart of the art of recycling !

Strength, resourcefulness, ingenuity, creativity, complicity with nature, social cohesion, fight for freedom ... are among reasons that led to the realization of many music and dance projects.
One of the most famous project is STOMP  : a group of people who work together using simple building blocks to create something complex, something about rhythm, which is common to all cultures : "everyone knows rhythm, if only from the beating of their own heart – it is the basis of all music".
The troupe travels the world with a show with only percussions, without words or other sound effects. Their instruments are found objects:  pots, cans, bins, sinks, brooms, matchboxes, lighters, plastic tubes or even sheets of newsprint ... Many objects recovered to feed unlimited creativity !
To see the video >>>
To see the STOMP website >>>

Stomp has certainly inspired the Swedish directors Ola Simonsson and Johannes Nilsson Stjärne whose project is a movie released in 2010 movie: "Sound of noise"
Sinopsis : Amadeus Warnerbring, policeman, was born into a family of great musicians, but oddly, it is bitterly allergic to music. It was then that six percussionists decide to illegally play music using the city as an instrument.
To see the trailer >>>

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